blame it on the sprite.

Went out thursday and friday night. Unfortunately, once again, my camera is broken. I took it to wasaga, sand attacked us, and apparently found the time to ruin my camera, as well. I took these shots of my thursday night outfit, before the cam broke. 

My very first tie dye experience: 
We went to dance cave; anyone who has been there knows how dirty but FUN it is. i love it. and it was so empty, but we learned that as long as youre with some crazy fun people, and have some motley crue, abba, and a congo line, it doesn't really matter who else is there. haha 
Tshirt- H&M/tie dyed by me
Lace tank- vintage
Shoes- payless 

Friday, we went to this club/lounge called Shallow Groove, because my friend was dj'ing there. It was a really fun night! And my friend was surprisingly good... haha They had free vodka drinks from 11-1115 and 1-115, which also helped make it fun... we saw some guy get escorted out in what looked like a painful headlock. then we finished off the night with some chinese food. mmmm

Dress- Forever21
 Belt- vintage/borrowed from my friend
Shoes- same as with tie dye outfit 
Watch- stolen from my dad
Bag (although you can't see it)- from Argentina

I always hate coming back to stouffville after the weekend in toronto. There's always something to do downtown, especially since my friends live so close to the city, whereas I'm so far, in stouffville... 

On another note, my friend is in a makeup program at school and she's doing an airbrushing assignment this weekend with me! I'm pretty excited and hopefully she'll send me some of the pictures once she's done so I can post a couple! 

now i am going to warm up some hot and sour soup :) 

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