Happy Canada Day to any Canadians out there!
I have no idea why i'm up awake right now. i have to be up at 8am because my friends and i are taking a roadtrip down to our country's capital to celebrate the birth of Canada!

Wrote the final exam for summer school class numero uno, last wednesday. celebrated by going out weds. thurs. fri. and sat. apparently i've turned into a "party girl" this summer.
reality: i have no job and no friends (because they all HAVE jobs). so what else is a girl to do with her time but drink and party, really....
(from last, last thursday when we planned on going to bar244, ended up at london taphouse, then decided the fox and the fiddle would be more fun... eventful night.... My floral jumpsuit is from Forever21, watch was my dad's)

weds. was actually the most fun i've had in awhile! there's this "event"(?) every wednesday night at this club (?) called the Basement. A place so small that everyone is forced to rub up against each other, dripping in sweat, and stepping on toes. sounds pretty gross but its lotsa fun! 

On the walk home (we're poor, so we can't afford to take cabs hahah), we saw a bunch of guys climbing a fence to get into the public pool. In our states of mind, we thought it would be a good idea to join. at the time, it might have been, but we woke up with cuts and bruises in VERY uncomfortable places.
clearly very excited to finally have finished having to study... haha

(i swear i wasn't making any asian jokes here. i honestly have no clue what i was doing lmao...)
-Black AA U-neck dress
-Striped Tshirt from H&M
-Payless Oxford ankle boots (not pictured)

Thursday wasn't quite as fun... we just walked around toronto... allllll night.....
(i clearly take amaazing outfit shots, right? i'll work on those...)
Tank- H&M
Skirt- H&M
Shoes- Converse

my beautiful roomies <33

friday, we went to see down with webster! i met the most attractive 16 year old. lmao....  he was perfect. luckily, there is nothing illegal about staring. i didn't get any pictures of that. all i have are pictures from earlier that day when we went to the bar to watch the spain-chile game!!! i think i'm the only person who doesn't get into games. don't get me wrong, i love watching them! i'm just such a calm, emotionless person (ha) that when they scored... i was the only person NOT screaming and jumping on my chair. 
SORRY for the overload of writing/photos! It has been an eventful week! i only have phone pictures from saturday (my best friends birthday), so they aren't really worth showing.
i should be sleeping now, seeing as my wakeup call is in less than 6.5 hours. 
there will most DEFINITELY be pictures from this weekend. i got my brother to go out and pick me up a disposable camera (since mine is STILL broken, and im too poor to buy a new one... lmao)
good night

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