roadtrip pt. 1

My friends and i headed down to Ottawa for Canada Day weekend! Our very first roadtrip and weekend away from home, together. 

we headed down thursday morning, and got there by like 330pm. 

immediately started preparing for the canada day festivities, because apparently, torontonians dont know how to celebrate their country. ottawa-tonians (no idea what they're actually called hahah but thats my made-up name for them), on the other hand, are crazy! the streets and the Rideau centre were packed full of people in red and white, drinking, singing oh canada and celebrating. i've decided i'm spending every canada day in ottawa, from now on.

Since my camera still has not been fixed, i bought 2 disposable cameras for the occasion. I think I have been converted. haha i LOVE how the pictures turned out! these are just a few of the pictures from thursday and part of friday! 
hahahahahah this guy was so into it. VERY patriotic.
i don't really know where my friends' clothes are from but on me;
denim jacket- black market
red tshirt- zara men's
silver leaf ring- forever21
rainbow sunglasses- black market
white shorts (not pictured)- American Eagle

hat- forever21
grey crop top- American Apparel raglan/diy
denim high waisted shorts (which you cant really see)- value village
sandals- H&M
watch- dads
sunglasses- rayban

Two of my friends were also taking pictures, so there are WAY more photos to come! 

This summer has been crazy. I feel like i'm never home! Tonight will be my first night in what feels like a LONG time, that i'm staying home. maybe i'll watch a movie or sew, or bake or something... the possibilities are endless..... 

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